Monday, July 02, 2018

5 more govt primary schools shut down in Ponda this year

The Navhind Times: Goa: Monday, July 02, 2018.
Though the assistant district educational inspector (ADEI), Ponda has managed to reopen a government primary school (GPS) which was closed down during the last academic year, five government primary schools have been closed down for the academic year (2018-19) in Ponda owing to low student enrollment.
It has brought down the number of GPSs in Ponda to 106 from 111 last year. Interestingly, out of 106 functional schools, five have not seen any new admission during this academic year and their student strength is below eight, the RTI information obtained from ADEI-Ponda revealed.
Considering the less student enrollment, the government primary schools at Parampoi-Madkai, Bharbat-Shiroda, Karmane Dongar-Shiroda, Mudai-Panchwadi and Kaswada-Talauli have been shut down from the academic year 2018-19 by the ADEI, Ponda. After passing out of the Class IV batch last academic year, the said schools were left with less than five students and this year these schools did not get any new admission resulting in their closure, informed an official from ADEI-Ponda.
It may be recalled that following the parents’ demand, ADEI-Ponda has reopened GPS in Karmale-Querim, which was closed down last academic year due to low enrollment. Following parents assurance to enroll their children in same school, ADEI reopened the school which is first school to reopen.
The number of students in some primary schools in Ponda is increasing every year, while some primary schools are not even getting a single new admission.
For instance, some primary schools in Marcel areas have student strength of more than 100 while there are many whose strength is below 10 and some have only 5 students in the primary section. It has made deputation of teachers to schools a difficult task for ADEI, said officials from ADEI.
As per information, ADEI, Ponda has strength of 204 teachers sanctioned for 106 GPSs with 2 teachers for one primary school, but there are schools which need 3 teachers considering the number of students. This has left many schools with only one teacher (part time or full-time) and ADEI is struggling to manage, informed sources. ADEI-Ponda requires around 10 to 12 teachers more to cater to the needs of all primary schools in Ponda.Five government primary schools which have not seen any new admission this year includes Undir Bandora, Khalchawada Dhavali, Dutole Madkai, Konse Nirankal and Vere Vagurme. With no new admission and passing out of the Class IV batch, these schools are left with less than 8 students, as per the RTI Act information.
The government’s decision to provide Balrath buses to aided primary schools, not to government primary schools, has led to decrease in enrollment in government primary schools, opined a teacher of a GPS. Since the year the government launched Balrath service, parents have started sending their children to private aided schools as buses reach their doorsteps, and have ignored GPS in their neighbourhood, she added.