Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Meghalaya: AYC unearth drastic anomalies of funds allocated by the GHADC through RTI

The Northeast Today: Meghalaya: Wednesday, August 02, 2017.
The Achick Youth Council (AYC) through an RTI filed by them has unearthed large anomalies in the misuse of funds that the MDC’s of the GHADC had used for purchase of items intended for their quarters. The items included pillows at Rs 5000, laptops that cost a whooping Rs 80,000, LCDs for Rs 40,000 in a bill the MDCs have submitted to the GHADC. Most of these were not even provided showing the extent of corruption prevalent in the GHADC for over a decade now.
The bigger shocker is the fact that close to 250 sit out and view points, each of which cost the GHADC exchequer about Rs 3-4 lakhs have hardly been built by the previous Congress led EC by Alphonse A Sangma though the entire amount has already been withdrawn.
“We recently filed an RTI on the financial workings of the Council and were shocked after inspection of the items that they purportedly bought. The malaise has been a long one and has been done by both the previous Congress led EC as well as the recent NPP led GHPA,” said president of AYC, Dimseng Marak.
“After our RTI secretary sought the information, we found that many schemes had been misused by the contractors of the GHADC. One of them was a Garo Hills based NGO leader. We found clear misappropriation of funds in the name of such schemes called GHADC own fund and government grant schemes during the term of the then GHADC CEM Alphonse A Sangma,” he added.
According to the NGO most view points and other construction schemes were missing in the five districts of Garo Hills but the money was withdrawn at the same time for such ghost works. The total loss to the GHADC was a whooping Rs 12 crores in three years.
The NPP led GHPA was also not to be left behind. “They also spent huge amounts in supplies of goods to different departments and to the MDCs quarters of GHADC and the same contractors’ were also in the list.
“Some of the items were include pillows at Rs 5000/-, Rs 80,000/- per laptop or computer and LCDs of not less than Rupees 40,000/- to the staff quarters. But when we checked many goods were also missing,” added the NGO leader.
The AYC has further threatened to file a case in Court to root out this corruption if the same continued in the future as well.
“We will not spare further corruption in GHADC and will continue seeking information. Why is the GHADC in financial crisis among the three District Councils of the State? Why can’t they pay salaries to their aggrieved employees for almost over a year? We are watching and waiting to wipe out of all the corruption and misappropriation of funds in the GHADC,” he threatened.
“We have knowledge about the works of GHADC Central Special Assistance Fund of Rs 100.67crores, and many projects under the then CEM, Denang T. Sangma. Some of the works may have been completed and many are still under construction. We also have knowledge about to who the works have been allotted to and who are working behind the scene (hinting at benami sub contract work being carried out by non Garos). If we find these too have been misappropriated, we will take the matter to the High Court. We will not spare further corruption,” added Dimseng.