Saturday, August 05, 2017

Delhi Development Authority to study ‘missing’ road

Times of India: Delhi: Saturday, August 05, 2017.
To address the concerns raised by residents of south Delhi's Alaknanda regarding a "missing" road, Delhi Development Authority has decided to conduct a joint survey. The road in question was the basis on which DDA sold 3.7 acres of land for the construction of a mall in the area.
TOI had recently reported that PWD has denied DDA's claim of a road connecting Shaheed Suryansen Marg, a colony road in Alaknanda, to Sudharshan Munjal road (an arterial road).
Vivek Sharma, an advocate who has been raising the issue for a long time, said, "I had written to PMO against DDA's decision to allow a mall in the residential colony. They (DDA) have been claiming that there is a road connecting the colony road to the main road. But now DDA has agreed to conduct a joint inspection of the area."
The decision has been taken based on Sharma's complaint. "To justify its decision to allot the land meant for a community centre to a private firm for construction of a mall, DDA has been insisting that there is a road connecting Shaheed Suryansen Marg (a colony road) with Sudharshan Munjal marg. But PWD in an RTI reply has recently stated that the two roads are not connected. The area pointed in the zonal map where DDA claims the road exists is occupied by houses and a school," said Sharma.