Sunday, August 13, 2017

A case of missing company

The Sangai Express: Imphal: Sunday, August 13, 2017.
In a strange turn of events, a company called Information Technology and Broadcasting Service Ltd has been revealed to be a non existent company after an RTI application was filed .
Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today, general secretary of Human Rights Defender Manipur (HRDM), Rakesh Moirangthem said that the incident came to light when some employees of the said company raised some complaints to the organisation after which it took up the responsibility of investigating the company and also filed an RTI application.
However, it was revealed that the company never existed in Manipur and according to the RTI, the Ministry concerned had no knowledge concerning the opening of the Information Technology and Broadcasting Services Ltd North Eastern Branch Manipur State nor had given any permission to do so.
He stated that when HRDM uploaded information about the said company in its (HRDM) Facebook page regarding the company's authenticity, it came to light that the company even had a supposed Board of Directors and HRDM also found that a so called staff committee of Information Technology and Broadcasting Services Ltd had issued an advertisement about the company through a local paper.
The advertisement appealed to the company's employees and the CSOs of the State to give some time to the company, till October this year, to clear the confusion .
The advertisement also carried a WhatsApp number for people who want to clear their doubts but when an individual seeking employment in the company called the number, the number was found to be not working, Rakesh added .
He also stated that if the company fails to live up to its promise to clear the confusion by October, then the people and all the CSOs will boycott and close the company from November 1 and the supposed Board of Directors and the Staff Committee will have to bear the consequence .
He also accused the company of taking money from people with the promise of providing job opportunity and employment.