Friday, July 14, 2017

Traffic cops consumed ORS worth Rs 2 lakh in two years: RTI reply

The Tribune: New Delhi: Friday, July 14, 2017.
For the protection from the sun and dust, Delhi Police (Traffic) personnel consumed water and oral dehydration salt (ORS) for more than Rs 2 lakh in the past two years, nonetheless, for their face mask, Rs 16.5 lakh were spent by the department.
The surprising fact has come out in a RTI reply provided by the police. A Rohini resident also an RTI activist, RS Bansal, requested the Delhi Police (Traffic) in June that how many traffic police personnel are in the department and what all the facilities are being provided to them during duty hours for the protection from the sun, dust and pollution.
The information was provided for 2015-16 against the protection of summer heat amongst traffic police personnel total 12 thousand ORS packets were distributed which costed Rs 52,296.
It is told in the RTI reply that within two years the traffic policemen were provided with 1,390 masks whose total cost was Rs 16,58,000 as one mask was bought for Rs 1,192.80.
The RTI reply also tells that the number of masks made available to traffic police were not sufficient.