Thursday, July 06, 2017

There should not be differentiation between people in name of religion: Kumar

Web India: Shillong: Thursday, July 06, 2017.
UPA's presidential nominee and former Lok Sabha Speaker, Meira Kumar today said that there should not be differentiation between people in the name of religion and this tendency of polarising people in the name of religion is going to spell disaster for the country.
"It will plunge India into darkness. We (UPA) represent the forces which believe in secularism. I am fighting it on behalf of very sacred ideology which represents most of the people in India," Ms Kumar told reporters here in Meghalaya.She also said the forces she represents also strongly believe in ending caste system, poverty and believe in bringing transparency.
"We were the first one who brought the RTI Act. We believe that women should be included in the main stream," Ms Kumar added.Earlier, Ms Kumar asked legislators in Meghalaya to listen to their inner voice of conscience on whom to vote as their next president.
"I think that the inner voice of conscience carries much more weight than numbers do," Ms Kumar said while addressing the legislators at the Annexe hall of the Meghalaya Assembly."When people decided on moral grounds, on grounds of principles, on ethics and on philosophy which are sacred and also to listen to their inner voice of conscience then numbers also start supporting," the former diplomat-turned politician said.Exhorting Meghalaya legislators to script the "right history", Ms Kumar said, "This is one of the rare occasion we are going to script right history otherwise the coming generation would asked us why at that time when you got the opportunity to challenge the ideology which was disrupting and destroying the fabric of India and why didn't you rise to the occasion.
"Ms Kumar also said this is the chance one have make a history and to act in the best interest of the country for its progress and identity and for the ideology one stands for and for the next generation. The former Speaker said this presidential election has been turn into a battle of ideology and that the need has arisen because of the atmosphere in the country which has begun to threaten the secular fabric of the nation.
"Presently, there is danger of communal harmony, social justice, inclusiveness, transparency," Ms Kumar said that in a vast country like India, where there are so many religions, ethnic groups, cultures and there are different ways of living which is the beauty of the country.
"Those who are in positional powers their effort should always be to promote this harmony and not to disrupt it," she said.Ms Kumar said an atmosphere has been created to communalise in the name of what food one should eat, in the name of one what should say, in the name of how one should live and conduct."There are people who are doing these but the leaders like to distant themselves and failed to understand how given their tremendous majority in the parliament, they are only talking and trying to distant themselves and there is no action on the ground," she said. UNI RRK RN 2030