Monday, July 24, 2017

Cops don’t have proposal to install CCTV cams: RTI reply

Times of India: Gurugram: Monday, July 24, 2017.
Gurgaon traffic police doesn't have any proposal to install CCTV cameras to address the problem of traffic congestion, according to the reply to an RTI application. "No proposal has been received by traffic police to put up CCTV cameras," stated the RTI response.
"The city is hub to several MNCs and pubs. The city police have many times proposed to install CCTV cameras. However, it has not been done so far. It is shocking that police don't even have any proposal to put up cameras," said Aseem Takyar, who had filed the RTI application.
However, sources in police had told TOI that the city police, around two years ago, had asked MCG to install more than 350 CCTV in 100 locations to curb crimes against women and monitor traffic.
"We had told MCG to put up CCTV cameras to manage traffic and check crimes against women. The list of places where the cameras could have been installed has also been given to the civic body. As per my knowledge, the civic body had to carry out a feasibility study on it," said an officer in Gurgaon police.
"So far, there is no proposal to put up CCTV cameras. However, plans are in the pipeline. The objective is to install CCTV cameras to record untoward incidents and traffic violations happening across the city so as to help police in investigation," said sources.
Police had last year announced that CCTV cameras would be installed at Shankar Chowk, Rajiv Chowk, South City Chowk, Mahavir Chowk and the M G Road. It was also said that CCTV cameras would be installed outside every Metro station in the city.
"Be it Delhi or Bangalore, all big cities across the country have implemented CCTV surveillance at key points, Gurgaon doesn't have proposal to set up CCTV cameras so far.
"The city gives the highest revenue to the state. Even then the safety and security of the city have been ignored," said Uday Lal Singh, a resident of Sector 55.