Tuesday, July 18, 2017

300 phones found in Gurugram jail in 5 years

Times of India: Gurugram: Tuesday, July 18, 2017.
A total of 369 mobile phones have been recovered from inmates of Bhondsi jail over the last five years. According to an RTI reply, around 65-70 phones are recovered on an average from the jail premises every year.
To fight the scourge of jailed criminals using cell phones to continue their activities outside, the chief minister had recently approved a proposal to install more jammers in jails across the state.
According to official figures, 75 cell phones were recovered in 2016, compared to 76 in 2015. In 2014, the number was a low 57, but in 2013, it up near the maximum at 72. The total was lowest in 2012 at 44.
According to jail superintendent Rattan Singh, who started his term at the Bhondsi jail complex around two months ago, there is currently one phone jammer installed in the jail premises.
It was Singh who is responsible for the installation of the lone jammer in the jail last month, which was long pending.
On Sunday night, three more phones were recovered from block number five of the prison complex. The phones were dug up by police from where they were buried during a check, which was carried out on the basis of suspicion, said cops. A charger was also recovered along with the phones.
An FIR has been registered under Section 42 of the Prisons Act at the Bhondsi police station. Singh said it is not clear who the phones belong to. Gurgaon police has been entrusted with the matter for further investigation.
According to the superintendent, the jail compound needs 21 jammers to completely curb usage of cell phones inside the premises, which house noted gangsters including Manjeet Mahal, who was recently booked for calling and threatening a man in a land fraud case.
"The state government has approved our demand for 21 jammers and they will be installed soon," said Singh.