Thursday, June 29, 2017

Meghalaya: AYC complains against PWD SWGH on RTI

The North East Today: Meghalaya: Thursday, June 29, 2017.
The Achik Youth Council (AYC) today sought the intervention of the state Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) after the PWD (Roads) of South West Garo Hills (SWGH) failed to provide information to the NGO even 56 days after the NGO filed an RTI for information from the department.
The NGO had sought information from the office of PWD on May 2 this year on the projects undertaken within the district by the department but since the receipt of the RTI by the office, no further communication was provided to the NGO after the mandated 30 day period to provide the information sought.
“As there has been no communication from the concerned office even after 56 days, we decided to seek justice from the CIC under the provisions of RTI Act, 2005. We will now wait for the CIC to look into the matter as the information has to be provided,” said Dardy GC Marak, the chief advisor of the NGO.
In a letter to the CIC, the NGO termed the non furnishing of information as a gross violation under the Act while seeking justice from the CIC.