Monday, June 12, 2017

In 5 years, 50 final reports filed by Nainital police rejected by courts

Times of India: Nainital: Monday, June 12, 2017.
An RTI query has revealed that in the past five years, as many as 50 'final reports' submitted by Nainital Police were rejected in courts, which ordered them to reinvestigate those cases.
The final report is a document filed by police after an investigation in response to an FIR within 90 days. The report is filed when police feel that the FIR has no grounds and the case cannot be pursued further.
Haldwani-based activist activist Gurvinder Chadha, who filed the RTI, said, "The court rejecting so many final reports and asking police to reinvestigate those cases imply indicates that police had either rushed through investigations to file a final report, or had conducted investigations incompletely in the first place."
"I was 'implicated' in a matter years ago, which the court dismissed. Then, I filed the query to find out the efficiency of the district police," added Chadha.
The maximum number of final reports rejected by the courts were from Haldwani kotwali 31; followed by Tallitaal police station in Nainital town and Lalkuan police station in Lalkuan town four each; Mallitaal police station in Nainital town three; Kaladhungi, Ramnagar and Kathgodam two each; and Bheemtaal and Mukhani police stations one each.
The rejected FIRs included serious offences such as murder, kidnapping and threatening, but the police department refused to accpt shoddy investigations by them in those cases.
Senior superintendent of police Janmejay Khanduri said, "The complainant has right to question an FIR registered by police, and it is up to courts to order further action. We are committed to work efficiently, and comply by court's orders."