Thursday, June 22, 2017

CBSE asks students to sign undertaking to access photocopy of answer scripts

Times of India: Bhubaneswar: Thursday, June 22, 2017.
Around 1000 students who have applied for access to photocopies of answer books at the Central Board of Secondary Education's (CBSE) regional office alleging discrepancy in their class XII marks, have had to sign an undertaking that mentions the photocopies of the evaluated answer books cannot be given to any institute or school or to any newspaper. It cannot be challenged by the examinee in the court of law or make any claim on account of this in any forum, it adds. Parents alleged that it is 'violation of fundamental rights' of students and is 'draconian'.
"I did not submit the application after reading this undertaking. With so many riders what is the point in getting the photo copies if I cannot show it to anyone or I cannot challenge it," said Brajendranath Mondal, a parent from West Bengal. He said, his son has qualified at least half a dozen entrance tests but due to 'faulty marking' by the CBSE he got failed in mathematics and computer science. "I did not know the situation is so chaotic here at the regional office. No one is responding to your queries. I am at a loss and planning to move to court like other parents," said a visibly distraught Mondal.
Similar was the condition of several other parents, who have almost lost their faith on CBSE, the apex body of school education in India. "Is CBSE above the law of the land and the constitution of the country? How CBSE take away one can's right to claim justice from the system. This is Talibani rule of CBSE," said chairman of Abhibhabaka Mahasangha, Sudarshan Das. Sources said, the Supreme Court in a judgement had directed the CBSE to provide photocopies of answer books to students through Right to Information (RTI) Act without charging any fee.
"CBSE cannot compel the students to furnish such an undertaking. This is completely arbitrary and unreasonable. It violates candidate's right to question any arbitrary action by any authority. There is no estoppel or waiver to fundamental rights," said students' lawyer Pitambar Acharya.
Parents' have also planned to move to court challenging the undertaking as violation of human rights of students. "This undertaking shows sheer ignorance of law of CBSE the highest body of school education of the country. This is appalling and outrageous. It is the violation of the fundamental right to know and also freedom of speech and express of a student," said human rights advocate Prabir Das.
Meanwhile, CBSE on Tuesday setup two committees c to delve in depth in to the problems related to the evaluation processes being followed in the Board. The first committee will enquire in to the process of evaluation and post examination processes to identify and analyse discrepancies and suggest corrective measures to strengthen the process. The committee will submit the report within two months of its inception. The second committee will study, analyse and suggest systemic improvements in the evaluation process to make the system robust, an official release said.