Monday, June 19, 2017


Daily Pioneer: Bhopal: Monday, June 19, 2017.
A book on Right to Information was released on Sunday at Swami Vivekananda Library. A young law student, Parag Agrawal’s book Layman's Legal Guide of Right to Information was released for the people wanting to learn about RTI.
Interestingly, Parag Agrawal is pursuing his graduation at Symbiosis International University. Parag has a keen interest in research work and has secured number of publications on various platforms. His work covers contemporary issues in Criminal, Human Rights and Environmental Law.
His book Layman's Legal Guide of Right to Information, talks about the various facets of Right to Information. This book opens with the quote “Everyone has a Right to Ask, Everyone has a  Question, Sometimes they Ask, Sometimes they Fight to Ask”, indicating that the author has dedicated the book to the Indian common man who is well aware about his right to ask but it's an irony that he doesn't know how to file RTI.
According to Parag, he observed that a common man needs some significant public information, but is afraid to file an RTI Application just because he does not know ‘How to start’.  “This book of mine anwer all these queries, and is aimed at helping and guiding a common man in the simplest way” he added.
Notably, prior to his legal career, in the school days, Parag has secured title of Child Scientist at National Children Science Congress, organized by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Besides, during early days of his Law School, Parag started Jus Dicere, a platform for people to express their opinions and to showcase their research on a national as well as international level. It began with the simple dream of making well-researched articles available to the legal fraternity and at the same time providing a platform to fellow law students.s