Friday, May 12, 2017

Info Commission slaps penalty on ADGP office

The Tribune: Chandigarh: Friday, May 12, 2017.
The State Information Commission (SIC) has held PIO, office of the ADGP (Admn), Police Headquarters, guilty of not providing information under the RTI Act and slapped a penalty of Rs 2,000 as compensation to the appellant.
An official spokesperson said the orders was pronounced by SS Channy, CIC, during the hearing of an appeal in the case of Arshdeep Singh Sivia of Chandigarh, who had filed an RTI application on May 16 last year but the requisite information has not been supplied to him so far.
The CIC held that office of Police Headquarters have sought adjournment of the case a number of times to enable them to supply the information that has not been supplied to the appellant till date causing undue harassment and embarrassment to the appellant.
The commission slapped a penalty of Rs 2,000 on the police department.