Saturday, March 04, 2017

SOCIAL ACTIVISM : Meet the women who are changing the world

Economic Times‎‎‎: National: Saturday, March 04, 2017.
With International Women's Day next week, in our second edition, of recognising upcoming women from the city, Team ET gets Bengaluru's eminent women personalities from varied professions to nominate who they think are the bright spots to watch out for, from their respective fields.
Indu Priya, Independent social worker.
Indu Priya, 31, a former engineer, shifted to social work after her maternity break, and jumped into on-ground social work in 2014. "Children who are out of school are the ones that have really serious issues in their life it could be abuse or suffering families," she believes. Her main work revolves around bringing children back to school, rehabilitating families, check misdeeds in daycare centers, and demand footpaths and buses for safe commute. She works largely in the Jeedimara slum near Bannerghatta Road. The independent social worker recently registered an NGO for better credibility and ease in making her frequent RTI applications. "We should also recognize the excellent work many uneducated women do at the ground-level to solve their local issues," she says.
"Indu has been working at the grassroots level, quietly. She uses RTI to bring dropouts back to school. While the Court has issued orders and set up a protocol to bring children to school, we need people like Indu, who are working on the field, to ensure this system works."
-Kathyayini Chamaraj, Executive Trustee, Citizens Volunteer Initiative for the City (CIVIC), nominatessocialworker Indu Priya