Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Information hidden behind right to information costs: Pollie

The Queensland Times‎‎‎‎‎: Queensland: Wednesday, March 15, 2017.
Labor and the Department are running a protection racket for a bungling Minister and a child safety system in crisis, by attaching large price tags to right to information requests.
A recent Opposition RTI request has come back with a $4,320 price tag.
The information would have highlighted how each child safety centre is performing against key performance measures.
In late 2016 similar information covering October 2016 was leaked revealing a hidden child abuse backlog and abuse investigations had stalled.
Using RTI charges to hide a growing backlog of thousands of child abuse reports in regional call centres is unacceptable.
Queenslanders deserve to know if the almost 4,000 cases of suspected child abuse stuck in a secret backlog have become worse.
What are they trying to hide by trying to block access to the latest data through ridiculously high charges?
If the previous leaked data is anything to go by things must be far worse.
Charging RTI costs of more than $4,000 is nothing short of scandalous.
In October 2016 it was revealed 85 per cent of all statewide investigations into child abuse needing attention within 10 days had that deadline missed.
First Labor were washing the data and now they are hiding it through a protection racket.
The real question is how much influence did the Minister's office have in this decision-making process?