Sunday, February 12, 2017

Inquiry on use of forged OC to register flat in Nerul building.

Times of India: Navi Mumbai: Sunday, February 12, 2017.
Responding to a complaint lodged by a realty agent after he had filed an RTIplea, that registrations of flats were being done at the joint sub-registrar office in Nerul by submitting forged OC, the inspector general of registration and controller of stamps at Pune has ordered an inquiry.
The joint sub- registrar of Thane-11, having its office in Nerul, had replied to the realty agent, Yogesh Chavan, that the former is not authorized to verify the documents submitted with application for property registration. Yogesh had complained about a recent registration of a flat in a five-storied building built on a gaothan plot in Shirawane and said that a forged Occupancy Certificate (OC) was submitted for the sale deed.
"The forged OC was prepared by misusing the original certificate issued to another plot owner. The flat, sold by the developer, was registered with the joint sub-registrar at Nerul. It is suspected that a staffer at the office is involved. The CCTV cameras at the office will reveal the dealings."
"As per the relevant sections of the Registration Act, 1908, the sub-registrar is authorized to act against the miscreant for intentionally submitting a false document, map or a plan," said Yogesh.
Udairaj Chavan, joint district registrar at Thane said, "An inquiry has been initiated. I have scheduled a hearing at my office on February 22 for all the parties. The current joint sub-registrar will be representing the previous officer."