Sunday, February 12, 2017

Now More Transparency in Mumbai Metro.

DNA: Mumbai: Ashutosh Shukla: Sunday, February 12, 2017.
You will now be able to know just who the officer responsible in the Mumbai Metro is if you want to approach her or him for any issue about its service. Besides, you will also be able to check if the expenses under the salary head in the balance sheet are actually totaling up.
In reiterating its earlier orders, the State Information Commission, in an order dated February 4, directed the Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) to ensure that information on officers and the remuneration they receive is mentioned on their website.
The order was given by state Chief Information Commissioner, Ratnakar Gaikwad on a complaint by Vihar Durve from Pune.
Durve had complained to the commission about Mumbai Metro not putting up information on the details of names of officers and the remuneration they get despite section 4 (suo motu disclosure of information) of the RTI Act mandating it. Two years ago, the SIC had declared MMOPL has public authority coming under RTI Act.
The Commission observed that there is no provision under the RTI Act that says that such information is of a personal nature and cannot be given. It was also argued that such information may create problems in the competitive spirit of the Metro. The order states the representative's contention that such information is 'personal' and cannot be held.