Wednesday, May 30, 2018

MP woman wins case to know her husband’s salary

The Hans India: MP: Wednesday, May 30, 2018.
In adherence to the Right to privacy act, the salary of a person can’t be disclosed to anyone if they do no wish to do so.
In a recent case in MP, the high court has ruled in favour of an estranged wife who started a petition to know how much her husband earns.
Sunita Jain started the petition when she felt that the salary of her husband, Pawan Jain, was around 2 Lakhs per month of which she was only getting an allowance of Rs 7,000.
She filed an application in the district court which was rejected, then she tried to get the pay slip through RTI from BSNL which was also denied.
Ultimately, the CIC,Central Information Commission allowed the petition to pass through, which Pawan challenged in the single-bench of the high court, who ruled in favour of Sunita Jain.