Tuesday, August 08, 2017

NMMC to ask private contractors to calibrate their tools as per act

Times of India: Navi Mumbai: Tuesday, August 08, 2017.
Contractors hired by NMMC to execute various development projects such as road repairing work , construction or repairs of buildings will be required to get their measuring and weighing instruments calibrated as per the guidelines stated in Legal Metrology Department Act 2009.
The development comes in the wake of the information sought under RTI by Nerul resident Anarjit Chauhan. "I observed that even the chains used for measuring the area of forest were calibrated and was curious to know whether NMMC was following the same system. I filed my query under RTI and the response was negative," the activist said.
From now on, some of the measuring units like Vernier Caliper or measuring tapes used during road works are required to be verified as per the specifications of the act.
"In the absence of such norms, contractors can use non-calibrated instruments with no guarantee of the accuracy of the measurements taken for any ongoing work," said Chauhan.
As per the Act, the calibration has to be renewed by paying a sum of Rs 60 per instrument every two years, he added.
City engineer Mohan Dagaonkar commended the findings of the activist and said that his staff would be instructed to issue notices in this regard.