Saturday, July 15, 2017

Varsity’s FM radio goes off: RTI query

Times of India: Mumbai: Saturday, July 15, 2017.
Mumbai University's FM radio has gone off air. It had established an FM radio service by incurring a cost of Rs 23 lakh and has a recurring expenses of Rs 12 lakh annually, and the service is now non-functional according to information provided by the university to activist Anil Galgali.
Galgali had filed a query with the varsity, seeking details of the FM radio service. The Mumbai University's Department of Economics coordinator Neeraj Hatekar informed Galgali that the FM community radio service of the Mumbai University is currently not on air, as a new transmitter is being acquired. The old transmitter, which has been in service for about 11 years, needs to be replaced and the appropriate procedure is being followed.
Hatekar informed Galgali that the FM radio service was launched in February 2008. The initial budget allocation for setting up the radio station in 2006 was Rs 25 lakh, out of which Rs 22.8 lakh was spent on the cost of installation and equipment.