Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Police stations in Lutyens Delhi don't have CCTVs, reveals RTI

DNA: New Delhi: Tuesday, June 06, 2017.
None of the police stations in the New Delhi district of Delhi Police which includes the entire Lutyens zone, have CCTV cameras installed in them. The situation remains so, despite a number of protests and agitations witnessed every day by the district that houses government and VIP installations with the highest threat alert. Followed by New Delhi is the west district which also has cameras installed in none of its police stations.
The revelations were made in an RTI reply filed by the DNA. In its reply, dated May 2, 2017, the Delhi Police cleared that, "No CCTV is installed any police station of New Delhi district. However, for the installation of CCTVs a proposal has already been sent to PHQ and P&L."
Followed by the New Delhi district, that houses most of the VVIP's residences, offices and most of the country's important installations facing regular potential threat from terror organisations, a reply from the west district also stated that none of the police stations are under CCTV surveillance. "No CCTV cameras have been installed in premises of police stations in west district," the reply read.
Apart from this, the reply stated that only four police stations out of 14 in northwest district are covered with CCTV cameras. While northeast district has security and surveillance cameras installed only in seven police stations out of total 12, the east district has it in seven police stations out of total ten police stations which fall under this district. Four cameras in each of its seven police stations have been installed, the reply stated.
This is despite the Delhi Police Commissioner's special emphasis on strengthening security inside and outside the police stations and nearby areas, in the force's regular crime review meetings.
The RTI query also sought availability of medical facilities in police stations. Among the districts which replied, only New Delhi district has stated that it has first aid facility available in all its police stations.
While reply from, the east, northeast and southeast districts clarified that no medical facility is available in any of the police stations falling under these districts, west and northwest districts stated that all the employees are covered under CGHS scheme.