Saturday, June 10, 2017

Left-handed compliment to Fmr. CIC J&K : Prof. S. K. Bhalla

North lines: J&K: Saturday, June 10, 2017.
Today’s piece is restricted to the repeated grouses of a Retd. Engineer turned Activist operating from Karayara   (Hira Nagar) which is an integral part of J&K. These days any how strangely enough the abbreviation IOK is doing the rounds and the prestigious Jammu media is silent on this score. Received a copy of letter dated 1st June, 2017 sent to Fmr. CIC J&K, Mr. G. R. Sufi putting up at Srinagar after his stint at SIC that has been reduced to a lame duck organization like the white elephant State Accountability Commission.
“All that glitters is not gold” was realized by a senior citizen Mr. Shiv Shanker on numerous occasions when his genuine pleas were taken casually by the Fmr. CIC. On an occasion as per the letter serious revelations about some of the Officers at SIC met with a complete silence on the part of Mr. Sufi. To Mr. Shiv Shanker in certain cases the decisions of the Fmr. CIC were just like a fixed match.
On another occasion the Activist got a poorly drafted decision alien to the provisions of RTI Act. About the malfunctioning of the Commission the Activist was not given an opportunity to open his mouth. Who likes criticism? In another case an appeal against the PSC was heard by Mr. Sufi which related to a criminal conspiracy between the Examination staff of PSC and the aspirants. It took more than one year to adjudicate the appeal and CIC remained a mute spectator.
In another appeal against the FAA PWD (R&B Dept.) serious charges were leveled against the FAA being abusive and arrogant during the course of hearing the 1st Appeal. The letter reads “The information seeker has leveled some serious charges against a very senior and high profile officer…….. as such the Officer is at liberty to sue the information seeker as per law” as the Activist could not reach Srinagar and the then CIC took a very little time to pass such an order.
The Activist had to listen such expressions from the then CIC viz “Aap laffazi karte ho”, “Ab main isko goli maar dun ya iska sar kalam kar dun” and “ Aapne bhi kisi ko adjust karne ke liye kaha hoga aur jab yeh nahin maane to apne RTI laga di”. I leave it to the readers to send the feedback to the Editor of this esteemed Daily so that a healthy debate is kick started.
A few irrelevant questions were put to Mr. Shiv Shanker viz “Why did you go to the Court? “How did you file this /that PIL?”, “How much was paid to the Advocate?” and “Where from you got that money”? This amounts to questioning the integrity and intent of an applicant. I also met the same fate when I appeared before the most honest Fmr. CVC Mr. Kuldeep Khuda who wanted to know my monthly pension, my family background and whether my daughters are well settled. Kuch na samje Khuda Kare Koi. I told him we are all comparatively settled but I have the capacity to un-settle many.
Dear Mr. Sharma in this country in your own words “we have Andha Kanoon” and apparently ignorant masses. People in general are restricted to Roti Kapda and Makaan and even majority do not get these essentials honorably. I was thinking in the morning that even after 69–year of independence abhi bhi toilet, sadak, paani aur bijli ka maslaa bana hua hai. People are fed on dreams by dream sellers like Modi but in reality even the office of CVC India does not respond to a complaint in the interest of administration. This letter has been sent to the concerned for introspection as Jab Akele mein Maut aati hai to bahut takleef deh hoti hai.
Don’t be disheartened Mr. Shanker and continue to prick the arrogant and corrupt as I am hopeful that truth ultimately triumphs. The road is full of road blocks and strewn with thorns but have faith in yourself and the light above that governs our affairs.