Friday, June 02, 2017

Award for Atrocity.

Greater Kashmir: Raja Muzaffar Bhat: Srinagar: Friday, June 2, 2017.
Few days back I went through an email wherein a well known RTI activist from Delhi Madhu Aggarwal had appreciated the Army Chief’s commendation card conferred to Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi of 53 Rashtriya Rifles. Madhu along with her husband Subhash Chander Aggarwal are the Guinness record holder for their letters in newspapers. I have been following their letters to editor from last many years. The couple has always highlighted the issues of human interest and have been great campaigners for transparency and accountability since years. The way Madhu Aggarwal appreciated the inhuman act committed by Major Gogoi for tying a Budgam villager in front of his jeep during lok sabha by election on April 9th 2017 , I have come to conclusion that situation is very terrible in India. If the campaigners and leaders of transparency movements justify and glorify an inhuman act, what can we expect from the people who already have a communal, anti muslim and anti Kashmir mindset ? An atmosphere has been created across India by RSS , BJP and its main partner i.e., corporate sponsored media, wherein we see huge intellectual bankruptcy among a large chunk of population. Irony is that people whom we call seculars are also dancing to the tune of Arnob Goswami , Rahul Kanwal and others. 
Background : 
I know Farooq Dar’s village Arizal very well. Not only Arizal but this whole area has never witnessed incidents of stone pelting. It was only on April 9th during by elections when some stone pelting incidents took place in few villages of Khansahib and Beerwah assembly segments. One minor stone pelting incident took place at Govt High School Atina where some 5 to 6 boys were throwing stones on soldiers of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). Instead of chasing them away the soldiers fired at these boys directly, killing one Aqeel Ahmad Wani a 17 year old student from nearby Chur Mujroo village. The video of this firing incident had gone viral and in-fact I have myself filed a case against ITBP in State Human Rights Commission. In-spite of massive election boycott Farooq Ahmad Dar cast his vote and after that he along with his relative were on way to Gampora to attend a condolence meeting. Before they could reach there , Army personnel stopped Farooq who was on his motorbike. He was whisked away and tied in front of the jeep just to create terror among people. For 5 hours he was kept tied in front of the bonnet of the jeep as the vehicle was going from one village to another. This incident reminds me of Bollywood movies wherein the villain ties poor and deprived people or the hero of the film and takes them around the village to create fear psychosis among people. Finally after 6 to 7 hours of torture Farooq was taken to Hardpanzu CRPF camp. When the village elders came to the camp and told the officer in-charge there that Farooq had cast his vote and the army officials saw the ink mark on his index finger , he was released. 
Conclusion : 
BJP , RSS is now playing a very dirty game which will be disastrous for the people of India. It is now using Army to score its political gains. Such a situation has been created by them with the help of Ambani & Adani sponsored media that , people across India are not ready to believe that Army official can also commit a mistake ? How can an army officer justify that he is ensuring peace by tying an innocent villager with a rope in front of a vehicle just to avoid stone pelting ? Are we living in dark ages? Irony is that several TV channels lambasted Omar Abdullah for his tweet against awarding Major Gogoi. TV actor Paresh Rawal made a rude attack on Arundati Roy . Babul Surio a BJP Minister in centre called two Kashmiri panelists Gowhar Geelani and Inam un Nabi “Pigs” while they were discussing this issue on Times Now few days back. The liberal voice is completely shrinking and I am sure in the years to come the things may get further worse…..