Monday, May 29, 2017


Pune Mirror: Pune: Monday, May 29, 2017.
A local politico has obtained documents under RTI, revealing this alleged oversight by buyers as well as Lonavala Municipal Council, calling for scrutiny into the lapse.
Veteran film star Rakesh Roshan’s plot of land at Khandala, bought in December 2016, is under scrutiny now as it has been revealed that the property engulfs a sizeable portion of reserved government land. A query under Right to Information (RTI) has revealed that the land parcel located near Rajmachi Point, Maval taluka, has a burial ground and a government plot within.
Roshan, along with his son Hrithik, had purchased an open plot measuring 15,611.5 sq mt last year under the name of Sunder Bhawar Holiday Homes Private Ltd, Khandala. The land a prime tourist spot was purchased at approximately Rs 30 crore. A safety wall was constructed around it after seeking permissions from Lonavala Municipal Council (LMC), to prevent encroachments.
An RTI sought by former Congress president of Khandala, Dr Kiran Gaikwad, has revealed that a vast expanse of government land was allegedly merged with the film star’s property, and today’s market value pegs it between Rs 6 and 7 crore.
It has come to light that survey number 18/1/B, Maval taluka, measuring 504 square metres, belongs to the Maharashtra government, while a portion of survey number 18/2 is marked for a burial ground.
This has been the status quo on the 7/ 12 extract since 1953. Both the land parcels are located inside Roshan’s land parcel.
“I sought out all the papers pertaining to plots in and around the one recently bought by Sunder Bhawar Holiday Homes Private Ltd. I was stunned to find that two government- owned plots have been usurped by the company while demarcating and getting a boundary wall sanctioned around their area,” said Gaikwad. He alleged that survey number 18/1/B is spread over 510 sq metres and is owned by the state government. Similarly, survey number 18/2 is spread over 710 sq metres and reserved for a graveyard. The two plots are located inside the area recently acquired by the company owned by Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan. Sundar Bhawar Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd got its layout approved recently and while doing so took over both the government-owned plots. I have now sought strict action against the company and also sought that the government plots should be taken back,” said Gaikwad. Gaikwad further alleged that not too long ago on this government plot stood a balwadi, Ganesh and Durga temples, which were hurriedly demolished. Around 25 to 30 families also resided here, he added.
Pune Mirror’s attempt to get Rakesh Roshan’s version of the story was futile as he did not revert to our text messages. However, the official spokesperson and in-charge of the project deployed on Rakesh Roshan’s site, Shakir Shaikh, said, “We had completed all the legal formalities and only then started the work of the compound wall. There has been no violation of any rule. If government plots were merged with ours, why did the authority not claim it? There is a mention of open space reservation but it belongs to our client.”
Gaikwad however, remained resolute on his stance, as he said, “How can the government authorities forget their piece of land located at such a prime tourist spot. The entire act is suspect. I have issued a letter to the district collector and the state government to take strict action against this scam and nullify the purchase by the film star, as all norms have been violated while granting permissions.” He plans to meet chief minister Devendra Fadnvis next week, when he is scheduled to visit Lonavala.
The Roshans bought the plot on December 19, 2016. Later they sought permissions to build a wall around it. While the proposal was approved by LMC on February 9, 2017, on a charge of Rs 53,650, a no-objection was granted by MSRDC to put up acompound wall on April 3, 2017. Architect Mazahir Shaikh and Associates, Lonavala, presented the proposal to LMC.
When Mirror approached the Lonavala municipal chief executive officer Sachin Pawar, he said, “We are presently busy with the CM’s visit next week. LMC will scrutinise the Sunder Bhawar Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd papers again subsequently.”
I have written to the district collector and state government to take strict action against this scam and nullify the film star’s purchase