Saturday, April 22, 2017

State panel fines 7 officials Rs 25,000 each for denying info

Times of India‎‎‎‎‎: Agra: Saturday, April 22, 2017.
The state information commission has imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 each on seven information officers of various departments, for not providing information sought by applicants under the RTI Act.
The officers include Basic Shiksha Adhikari of Agra and Mathur.
The state information commission had recently hold a four-day 'Jansunvai' (public hearing) in Agra division, in which, it disposed 32 cases in Agra, 26 cases in Mathura, 24 cases in Firozabad and 26 cases in Mainpuri.
 State information commissioner Gajendra Yadav told reporters that on the first day of 'Jansunvai', a total of 121 cases were brought before the panel in Agra on April 18, of these, 32 were disposed. On the second day, 79 cases were brought before the panel in Mathura, of which, 26 were disposed.
Similarly, on its third and fourth days, 90 cases in Firozabad and 97 in Mainpuri were brought, of which 24 and 26 were disposed respectively.
In another development, the central information commission, in a bid to address wrongful denial of information to people and to check piling up of complaints before it, plans to directly approach individual public information officers and ministries that have a not-so-good record in RTI compliance.
"We are developing a system under which our database would sort out cases by the name of central public information officer," chief information commissioner RK Mathur said.
For this, CIC would constitute a special unit in its registry, which is the first point of contact for an applicant to register a complaint or appeal under RTI Act. This unit would sort out cases ministry-wise and central public information officer (CPIO)-wise with the help of software, and track them based on the name of CPIO.