Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mumbai: CIC orders govt offices to keep RTI e-register

Free Press Journal‎‎: Mumbai: Thursday, April 20, 2017.
The Maharashtra Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) has directed the government authorities to create an e-register providing details of the applications filed under RTI Act, and also upload the information on the websites so that people can access it.
 Maharashtra CIC Ratnakar Gaikwad passed the order on Tuesday after hearing a complaint filed by the former Central Information Commissioner Shai- lesh Gandhi.
Gandhi had said that as of now all the RTI applications submitted by citizens are being entered in a physical register maintained by the public information officer (PIO/APIO) in every office.
“As a result, while the PIO knows the number and status of the RTI applications in his/her office, there is no mechanism by which senior officers and Heads of Departments can track the status of such applications. Even an applicant is currently forced to keep contacting the concerned office to find out the status of the application,” Gandhi’s complaint said.