Sunday, April 23, 2017

Delhi: Mystery of 400 police personnel quitting in last three years

India Today‎‎‎: New Delhi: Sunday, April 23, 2017.
Is it the work pressure or long work schedule that is forcing Delhi Police personnel to quit their jobs or take voluntary retirement for a better future or to join any other force?
In last three years, more than 400 cops have quit their jobs and taken voluntary retirement, said Delhi Police data. In an RTI filed by Aniket Gaurav, it has been learned that as many as 106 personnel posted in the security unit have quit their jobs since 2014.
It is more shocking to know that the number of personnel quitting job in the security unit has been increasing. About 25 per cent of Delhi Police's strength is earmarked for VVIP security.
The RTI in possession with MAIL TODAY reveals that in 2014, as many as 21 cops, including, nine constables, five head constables, four sub-inspector and one inspector, have resigned.
A total of 29 cops, including 13 constables and 13 sub-inspectors, have quit in 2015. In 2016, 45 police personnel, including 17 subinspectors, 15 constables, seven assistant sub-inspectors, two ACPs, have left their job. Till March this year, 11 cops, including four sub-inspectors, have left the job of Delhi Police.
Despite the number of cops quitting their jobs is high, the department has not conducted any study to ascertain the reasons. However, when the concerned official of the security unit was contacted, he remained unaware of such a huge number.
Whereas, Sunil Garg, JCP (security) told MAIL TODAY that the large number is mainly because of the factor that this unit has one of the largest number of police strength as compared to any other district police unit. "We have strength of around 8,000 police personnel in security unit and similar strength is shared by police control room unit. The third largest strength is of the traffic unit," said Garg.
According to the RTI and the Delhi Police data, since 2014, of the strength of 8,000 cops, as many as 106 have quit their jobs in the traffic unit, whereas the traffic unit that has around 5,500 personnel witness only 17 personnel leaving till March 2017.
When MAIL TODAY tried to unearth the reason behind quitting of Delhi Police job in such a large scale in the security unit, it was learnt that most of them have resigned to join UP Police. "I have prepared for the exam while doing my duties and I got shortlisted and cleared the medical test along with physical test. I joined UP Police," said a policeman requesting anonymity.
Like him, some other cops said they had to be on an alert mode all the time and the duty time often extended to more than 12 hours in Delhi Police. Also, the non-availability of basic facilities like washrooms, food and water makes the duty tough for the men deployed in the security unit.
On an average, 450 policemen are deployed along a VVIP route, which essentially requires many hours of stationed duty with continuous attention but lack of basic facilities make their work harder. Senior cops said the security unit facilitates their men to do shifthour duty.
A few months ago, Delhi Police had submitted proposals for sanction of additional strength of 52,886 police personnel to MHA.