Friday, March 17, 2017

Assistant primary school teacher in Sambhal terminated

Daily Pioneer: Lucknow: Friday, March 17, 2017.
An assistant teacher in a primary school in Sambhal was terminated from service after an application under the Right to Information Act exposed that how the accused had used a fake marksheet to get government job. Interestingly, the same girl was earlier removed from Siksha Mitra post in the same district after she used the same forged degree documents.
Giving details of the above action against the teacher by the Basic Siksha Adhikari (BSA) in Sambhal, State Information Commissioner (SIC) Hafiz Usman said here on Thursday that a complaint was made under Right to Information (RTI) Act through which it was alleged that one Kiranwati had used fake marksheets of high school and intermediate examinations to get a job of Siksha Mitra in a primary school at Kadirpur area of the district. The DM conducted an enquiry and found that Kiranwati had completed her high school in 2000 and intermediate in 2002 from Deoki Nanda Sharma Inter College in Moradabad.
In High School she got 261 numbers out of 600 while in intermediate, she received 239 numbers out of 500. However, the marksheets which Kiranwati submitted to got Siksha Mitra job, the high school numbers were mentioned as 332 out of 600 and 278 numbers in intermediate. After the above enquiry, Kiranwati was removed from the job on October 31, 2013 by the district magistrate.
Usman further said that in 2014 again, one Rajesh Kumar of Chandusi filed another application under Right to Information (RTI) Act, through which he asked whether one Kiranwati, working as assistant teacher in a primary school at Sambhal was earlier removed from the job of Siksha Mitra for submitting fake marksheet and if it is true than how she managed to get job as Assistant Teacher after completing Basic Teachers Certificate (BTC) training. When Kumar get no reply even after several reminders, he filed an appeal in his court three months back claimed Usman while revealing that he immediately constituted an enquiry under BSA of Sambhal and sought a report.
Usman said that the BSA Komal Yadav now submitted her report through which she claimed that after finding the marksheets fake and that Kiranwati was earlier removed on similar ground, she immediately got her sacked from the department. She also clarified that Kiranwati posting as Assistant Teacher has been made in 2015 just as she passed BTC test in 2014 and the Department was not aware that she was earlier removed for submitting fake educational certificates.