Friday, February 10, 2017

NPSU Submits Representation to Prof. Bhim Singh to save RTI Act in J&K

Scoop News‎‎‎‎: Jammu: Friday, February 10, 2017.
Today NPSU Submitted Representation to senior Executive member of Supreme Court of Indian Prof. Bhim Singh to save RTI Act in Jammu and Kashmir.
The delegation was led by Th. Virender Singh State President NPSU. Mr. Singh condemned the non functional State govt. led by PDP& BJP for making the RTI Act defunct and toothless. in a representation made to Prof.Bhim Singh Senior Executive member Bar Association Supreme court and founder Patron of JKNPP here today urged upon him to take up the serious matter of defunct State Information Commission in the J&K in the highest court of country the Supreme Court of India and seek appropriate directions for state revive the dead Act which has been dumped in cold storage by the bureaucracy and political leadership to continue their misrule and rampant corruption at the cost of masses, more so Jammu and Kashmir people who stand marginalized for the last six decades.
Mr. Singh informed Prof. Bhim Singh that different social and political organization are protesting against State Govt. to fulfill the vacant post of State Information Commission So that RTI can survive in Jammu and Kashmir But the arrogant behaviour of those who are sitting in the highest level of govt. have totally ignored this issue.
Prof. Bhim Singh gave patient hearing to the youth delegation and promised that he would be take up the issue on the floor of the Supreme Court of india and bring RTI Act at Par with the State and Central govt.
Mr. Singh disclosed that he is fighting from last 60 years against wrong doing of different State governments in Jammu and Kashmir and this matter would also be taken in serious note very soon relief will be provided to people of Jammu and Kashmir by contesting this issue on the floor of Supreme Court of India.
The others who were present in the delegation were Rishi Badyal, Manjeet Sharma, Ruksar Malik, Summit Singh, Shubam Jasrotia, lovely Singh, and Bhanu Raj put and other.