Sunday, February 19, 2017

MPs yet to spend Rs 42.34 crore of LAD funds.

The Tribune: Dehrdun: Sindya, February 19, 2017.
While the financial year is about to end, Members of Parliament (MPs) are yet to spend Rs 42.34 crore from their local area development (LAD) funds.
This was revealed in response to an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act by Nadimuddin. Uttarakhand MPs are yet to spend Rs 42.34 crore of their LAD funds—Rs 24.78 crore of Lok Sabha MPs and Rs 17.56 crore of Rajya Sabha MPs from the state.
All Lok Sabha MPs from Uttarakhand had spent Rs 110.17 crore of Rs 134.95.07 crore till December 2016.
Similarly, Rajya Sabha MPs have spent Rs 59.30 crore of Rs 76.87 crore of their LAD funds.
Further, the MPs got 11,518 works sanctioned and of these only 8,832 have been completed by December 2016. A total of 1,224 works are yet to begin while 1,456 works are in progress.
Of 8,786 works sanctioned by Lok Sabha MPs, 1,148 are in progress and 967 works are still to begin. In case of Rajya Sabha MPs, 308 of total 2,732 sanctioned works are in progress while 257 works are still to be commence.
Significantly, 208 works of Tehri Garhwal MP Mala Rajlakshmi Shah and 31 works of Pauri Garhwal MP BC Khanduri are still to begin. Among Rajya Sabha MPs, Mahendra Singh Mahara’s 154 works were still to begin.
Kashipur resident and RTI activist Nadimuddin got this information from the office of the Urban Development Commissioner in Dehradun.