Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Media briefing held to create awareness on Right to Information Act

News first: Sri Lanka: Tuesday, February 07, 2017.
A media briefing to create awareness on the initiative to implement the ‘Right to Information Act’ at local level in the country, was held in Colombo on February 06.
At the media briefing, the Executive Director at Transparency International Sri Lanka Asoka Obeyesekere noted that the Act is strong in placing the authority in the people, as it has fundamentally changed the way in which the state holds information for its citizens.
“We now can turn around and say we don’t need to answer if we are asked why we want information, he said. “The information belongs to citizens and therefore we can use that information”, he added.
Following the media briefing the organisers held a mobile RTI Act awareness campaign.
Last week, the government gazetted the categories of public authorities that fall within the purview of the RTI.
Requests for information can be submitted to the Information Officer at the relevant public institution.