Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Shailesh Patel, from Agariya Heet Rakshak Manch, filed an application of seeking information:
1. Details of the each of the patient attended by Comprehensive Mobile health Van Unit, in the last six months from Surendranagar district of Gujarat. (This mobile health van are allotted for health check-up for salt pan workers)
2. The details asked were: (Name of the patient, address, type of disease, medicine given, treatment given, follow-up done)
3. Copy of the route plan and logbooks of the mobile health Van

He didn’t receive the information within thirty days. After thirty days, he receives intimation from the authority, to pay Rs.3600 which includes the charge for making data entry of the information and cost of photocopying.

Shailesh, calls up the PIO, learns that PIO have not received any training for the same Shailesh, thus made him understand about various provisions of the act.
PIO apologize to Shailesh for not providing information. Soon, he gives all the required information on CD free of cost, as per provision of act. PIO also asks Shailesh to help him out in future if needed any guidance.

The information received was circulated amongst the saltpan workers, which created awareness and local monitoring system. The Comprehensive mobile health van now started visiting the workplaces.

Agariya Heet Rakshak Manch offered free announcements of the health van visits in their weekly Radio programmes. This helped in making the services more effective and accountable.

The Salt-pan workers of Gujarat, stays in little Run of Kutch, for more than 8 to 10 months. The worksites are generally 20 to 30 km away form the revenue villages.
The availability of health check-up and treatment services reduced their expenses on medicines. Their workdays were saved and thus adding to their income.